Troubleshoot problematic sessions using Citrix UPM

stuck session
Did you know you can Troubleshoot problematic sessions using Citrix UPM?

You can! Citrix User Profile Manager keeps useful logs on lots of things but wht you may not realise is that it also keeps a log of the last servers a user successfully logged in to.
This info can be useful for troubleshooting stuck sessions and profile issues, especially when your Citrix Delivery Services Console isn’t forthcoming in showing the session that is stuck.

When you get users calling and reporting they can’t log in or are having issues with their profile just have a look inside the users citrix upm profile at their PMCompatibility.ini file.
This will show you the last server the user logged in to, and from there you can see if their session quit properly or if there is a lock on any files in their profile on that server that stopped it unloading.



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