Hacking Citrix Licensing Server password files

Hacking Citrix Licensing Server password files is fairly trivial…

Hacking Citrix Licensing Server password files

Open up C:Program Files (x86)CitrixLicensingLSconfserver.xml in your editor of choice and you’ll see several entries such as

<user firstName=”-N/A-” id=”DOMAINUser” lastName=”-N/A-” password=”(ENC-01)longencryptedstring” passwordExpired=”false” privileges=”admin” type=”domain-admin”/>

It’s pretty easy to just to add in new accounts here or change the password field of an existing account.
Delete everything in the password field between the “” and replace it with a palintext password. (you’ll be promted to change it, just keep it simple)
Change passwordExpired= to “true”
Restart the licensing service.
Log in with your account and password you created. It should ask you to change it. This new password gets encrypted and stored in place of the old plaintext one you put in.

Don’t add extra line breaks in this file or it won’t work.

Some older versions of licensing server used to leave the plaintext passwords in there, yet another reason to upgrade to 11.11.1

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